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A British Shorthair kitten carefully stepping into a litter box filled with clumping cat litter

How Often Do Kittens Pee? Potty Training Guide for New Owners

15 June 2024

How much cats urinate and the impact of good litter box habits on their well-being.

Golden Retriever sitting attentively in front of a plate of cooked green beans, looking up at the owner with a hopeful expression

Can Dogs Eat String Beans? A Vet Weighs In On This Healthy Snack

15 June 2024

How to properly give green beans to dogs to eat, including the advantages, how to cook them, and how much to give them.

Fluffy brown rabbit with long ears sniffing at a handful of peanuts on a wooden table

Can Rabbits Eat Peanuts? The Need-to-Know Risks and Benefits

14 June 2024

Yes, rabbits can have peanuts as a treat, but their main diet should be high in fiber and include hay and fresh veggies.

Large iguana resting on a tree branch, alert and ready to grip the branch with its claws in a lush, tropical forest setting

Can Iguanas Be Dangerous? A Look at Their Behavior and Bite Force

14 June 2024

Iguanas can pose a threat when they feel threatened because of their large size, strong jaws, and sharp teeth, but there are ways to reduce the danger with responsible handling.

A small Dutch rabbit with a black and white coat sniffing a handful of oats on the ground in a grassy outdoor setting

Can Rabbits Have Oats? A Vet-Approved Guide to Rabbit Nutrition

14 June 2024

This article explores the nutritional value of oats for rabbits, including their benefits, potential drawbacks, and how much you should feed your rabbit to keep them healthy.

Close-up of a coiled green tree python's head, with its forked tongue flicking out to sample the air

How Snakes Use Their Sense of Smell: A Fascinating Insight

14 June 2024

How snakes' excellent sense of smell works, from their forked tongues to their Jacobson's organs, to hunt, reproduce, and move around.

Guilty-looking Shih Tzu sitting on a bed with a fresh dog pile next to it

Why Did My Dog Poop on My Bed? Understanding Canine Behavior

14 June 2024

Causes of dogs pooping on beds, from health problems and other behavioral issues to training methods that work to stop and fix the behavior.

Playful Siamese cat stretching and scratching on a vertical scratching post next to a door

How to Stop Cat Scratching: Tips for Door Scratching

14 June 2024

Ways to prevent your cat from scratching doors, such as making sure they have other places to scratch, using negative reinforcement, and physically covering the doors.

Photorealistic image of a male and female leopard gecko side-by-side, showcasing their physical differences

How to Determine the Sex of Your Leopard Gecko: A Step-by-Step Guide

14 June 2024

How to tell the sex of a leopard gecko through physical attributes such as length, build, pores, and hemipenal swellings.

Dog standing alert with hackles raised, staring intently at a crouched red fox in a wooded area

Will a Fox Attack My Dog? An Evidence-Based Analysis

14 June 2024

Potential dangers and safety measures for dogs when they come into contact with foxes, such as territory disputes, the risk of spreading illness, and how to prevent a fox from attacking a dog.

A timid rabbit sitting on moss in a forest, with a large black bear watching intently in the background

When Do Bears Eat Rabbits? Insights From Wildlife Experts

13 June 2024

Bears are omnivores and will consume rabbits if the opportunity presents itself, but rabbits make up a small portion of their diet that is mostly made up of plants.

Calico cat with a guilty expression spraying urine on the arm of a couch in a minimalist living room

Why Do Female Cats Spray? Understanding and Preventing This Behavior

13 June 2024

Causes of spraying in spayed female cats, such as hormones, territory, and stress, and how to deal with and stop the behavior.